Marble & 5 Facts Nobody Will Tell You

Here at TrendStone we can tell you all about Quartz and reconstituted stone. We still have our fair share of natural stone product available and can tell you anything you need to know, but Victoria Stone Gallery have let out 5 facts nobody will tell you about Marble. They have made some very interesting points in there that we wouldn’t have thought about ourselves!

Marble & 5 Facts Nobody Will Tell You

Marble gets a bad reputation these days. People are shying away, choosing manmade stone, quartzites or granites. While this is all well and good (and often recommended!), it is important to remember that marble has long been the leading stone when it comes to durability and beauty. Varieties of marbles have been used for eternity and well and truly stood up to the test of time. Natural stone is not a perfect product, but the options are pretty damn good!.

A Blue Marble Must ‘Sea’!

A Blue Marble Must ‘Sea’, Chile’s Natural Stone Beauty

With coloured stone on trend, and on our minds, we were in absolute awe coming across this natural stone beauty. Blue marble with hints of green, border these stunning caves in Chile. The next place to add to your bucket list: Patagonia, Chile.