Is Fantasy Brown a Marble or Quartzite?

There’s a lot of speculation over what sort of natural stone catgeory Fantasy Brown falls under. Read on for the answer!

Is Fantasy Brown a Marble or Quartzite?

Fantasy Brown has landed in Australia! But there’s a bit of speculation over what sort of natural stone it is. Is it a Marble or a Quartzite? Long answer short, it’s a…

Marble vs Quartzite – What are the differences?

VSG answer one of the most commonly asked question in the stone industry – how do Marble and Quartzite stack up against each other? This article gives you a quick geological run down between these two very popular natural stones.

Marble vs Quartzite – What are the differences?

Marble vs quartzite? Both are both naturally occurring rocks, that share similarities. Though they share certain functions and physical features, marble and quartzite differ greatly in geology so in turn, performance as a benchtop material.

How Hard is Natural Stone? An Infographic

How does marble, dolomite, granite and quartzite stand up against eachother? Where does Quartz fit in? Check out this infographic by Victoria Stone Gallery.

How Hard is Natural Stone? An Infographic

Comparing the performance of marbles, granites and quartzites is never easy, but is absolutely crucial when choosing a piece. As the slabs are completely natural, each is made up with individual mixtures of similar minerals. This is how we categorise stone into types, granite, marble etc. With natural stone, no two pieces are exactly alike, in look or in composition. This uniqueness is the magic of natural stone!

More about Marble

Have a read of Victoria Stone Gallery‘s previously posted article on Marble & 5 Facts Nobody Will Tell You, and now you’re thinking thats the stone for you? Check out this post on More about Marble where they discuss the type of stone that marble is, therefore its uses in ancient and daily life and why you should consider it for a stone benchtop! Have a look through our product gallery for some inspiration!

More about Marble

Thinking about buying Marble for your benchtop in Melbourne, Victoria? Here are some fast facts to get your shop on! Find out some more about Marble..

Marble & 5 Facts Nobody Will Tell You

Here at TrendStone we can tell you all about Quartz and reconstituted stone. We still have our fair share of natural stone product available and can tell you anything you need to know, but Victoria Stone Gallery have let out 5 facts nobody will tell you about Marble. They have made some very interesting points in there that we wouldn’t have thought about ourselves!

Marble & 5 Facts Nobody Will Tell You

Marble gets a bad reputation these days. People are shying away, choosing manmade stone, quartzites or granites. While this is all well and good (and often recommended!), it is important to remember that marble has long been the leading stone when it comes to durability and beauty. Varieties of marbles have been used for eternity and well and truly stood up to the test of time. Natural stone is not a perfect product, but the options are pretty damn good!.

Stone Benchtop Factors to Consider

Check out this infographic we found from Victoria Stone Gallery on what stone benchtop factors to consider. TrendStone Quartz feature on it, see how we come out amongst other types of stone.

Stone Benchtop Factors to Consider – Victoria Stone Gallery

There are a few important things to factor in in terms of practicality, your lifestyle, budget and of course the look that you’re going for in your kitchen. But don’t let that daunt you – there’s an option for everyone. We’ve put together a quick glance at what stone benchtop factors we think might help when considering your choices.

Alternatives To Marble – An Infographic

Alternatives To Marble | Victoria Stone Gallery – Infographic

As the consumer becomes more educated, many are aware of the stresses of having marble in the home can bring. When caution is exercised, sealers are applied and care is taken, marble can last many lifetimes. In today’s busy world, that isn’t always achievable.


The Kitchen Starts With the Countertop

The Kitchen Starts With the Countertop – Victoria Stone Gallery

In a well-designed kitchen, prep space is key. The countertop often stands out simply because it covers so much space, especially as the kitchen becomes a primary living area, and islands become the norm. “Designers are working with homeowners to make sure the workspace is visually appealing.

Kitchen Benchtop Renovations – How To and Why

Benchtop and Kitchen Renovation? How To and Why

The kitchen can be a make-or-break room for potential buyers, so if yours is looking a little worse for wear and you plan to sell in the near future, a renovation might be a smart move. But which upgrades will make you a profit? Benchtop? Cabinets?

Marble Trends 2018- Revival of the Nineties

Check out this post from our friends across the ditch!

2018 Coloured Marble Trends – Victoria Stone Gallery

With the minimalist look becoming outdated, we predict a resurgence of the nineties in natural stone slabs. Expect to see a return of coloured slabs of greens, pinks and browns. Taking a turn in looks, plain cabinetry is now being complemented with statement bench-tops.