New Warehouse For Brazil Trendstone Stockist

Novastone is the stockist of Trendstone slabs in Brazil. We’re excited to share that Novastone have just opened a new Warehouse in Cachiero.

With a larger space and updated facilities, Novastone now have an increased capacity for production and more area for stock. Being a wholesaler, Novastone imports Trendstone slabs and sells them to stone manufacturers and fabricators. Their upgraded headquarters is exciting, as they’re able to provide a better experience for their customers by offering more variety of exotic granite, marble, quartzite and Trendstone Quartz.

Check out these pictures of the Novastone Warehouse in Brazil.

1 New Warehouse For Brazil Trendstone Stockist2 New Warehouse For Brazil Trendstone StockistNew Warehouse For Brazil Trendstone Stockist

Trendstone slabs are currently available in New Zealand, Australia and Brazil. In New Zealand, Trendstone is available nationwide. The Australian stockist is Project Stone in Queensland.

Trendstone is always looking for new stockists. If you or a company you know is interested in stocking Trendstone, please enquire here.

If you’re after Trendstone for your home project, you’ll need to contact a fabricator. If you need help finding a fabricator who works with Trendstone, please contact us.